Friday, January 1, 2010

Kicker Subwoofers For Sale Kicker Subwoofers?

Kicker subwoofers? - kicker subwoofers for sale

Kicker is supposedly a bad grade, or what? Someone told me that they are, but then I heard many good things about the existence of products.


MDC said...

Kicker Subs are pretty good if you want SPL. That's what they are first and foremost to achieve this objective and good. The L7 is a very good sub and SPL is SPL competitions all the time.

Much of what people are saying about kickers really just a personal opinion. I am sure you will hear many people say that football sucks and others say it's the best kicker. It has a lot to do with their own views on how the sound through. If you want SPL and SQ is not then I would consider kicker.

Subs Kicker is quite good, while their amplifiers and speakers, on the otherhand can be discussed.

Rick G said...

MDC nailed ... want in a bullet proof .... Kicker is a good choice ... and do not want a return .. New kicker is a great company ... want to put a field to be heard for blocks, even if done as a kicker (but not the best). They also have no price range for follow-up, makes them very popular. But as I said, the MDC is using sound so great. at least I think so. Who I was looking for a sub, the kicker was the only one on my short list until he actually heard this book. were the strongest in their field, but had more vibration than anything else, not a true "success" .. I'm talking about me instead of a bullet in the chest, which was a push in the back ... That makes sense? The one element of quality, so they are. They are strong and have a ton of abuse. There are many heads there who believe that the stronger, better, if they admit it or not.

Teh Finkster said...

Kicker is an excellent marks for the subwoofer ... hey Theyve by this time, they havent been! They are the competition proved too much. Now is the best thing that has come with the subtitles .. No, there are many variables, what makes a good sub ... Sounds like U want something strong, and the love SUBS 2 kickers as u Put it in the appropriate field and feed them the right amount of power. I had 2 12 "and loved L7S ... I hope this helps

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