Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lip Diseases What Is This Lip Disease Called?

What is this lip disease called? - lip diseases

I remember a few years and a woman who could not open his mouth because his lips were as firm and could not be separated by a rare disease. Who knows what is called the disease?


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Christopher G said...

I do not know if I'm right ...

Could one of these

Cold sores

(technically Herpes labialis, a form of herpes simplex) is a viral infection that occurs in the formation of painful blisters on the lips. It is also known as fever blisters.


(a malignant cancer that arises from epithelial cells) on the lips is caused mainly by the use of snuff and overexposure to the sun. To a lesser extent may also be due to lack of oral hygiene and bad teeth. Alcohol appears to be the risk of cancer with the help of snuff rather than increase.

I hope that helps.

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