Thursday, December 31, 2009

Plastic Furniture How Can I "cut And Polish" Moulded Plastic Furniture?

How can I "cut and polish" moulded plastic furniture? - plastic furniture

Sebel I have an external environment that some stains on wood shed. Unfortunately, attempts to blunt with clean paint thinner and steel wool, which has not removed the stain, but was removed and the surface. Who knows how I can get the plastic removed on a shiny surface, with or without a scratch? Also some tips on how to remove the traces of glaze. Thanks

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snowdeor... said...

I want to auto parts store and ask for a plastic polish to remove and polish to scratches. If you have any luck, you can try contacting the manufacturer and ask what they suggest. I've made a Novus Plastic Polish, and had the chance. Good luck.

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