Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gamefisher Outboard Motor 3hp Sears Gamefisher Outboard Won't Stay Running.?

3hp sears gamefisher outboard won't stay running.? - gamefisher outboard motor

I have a 3-horsepower engine Gamefisher ran last year without major problems. I stored for the winter and went to start it, and it will start and idle for a second then off. I have the fuel lines and everything is good. Fuel in the float bowl. I do not get the fuel, so it goes. No fuel there is nothing to hinder or nothing. I can not understand. Does anyone know what the cause be?


jtexas said...

likely: float valve used and safety, so that some gas through the mixture too rich for combustion.

Disconnect the spark plug immediately after this happens - I bet they are wet.

The solution is to rebuild the carb.

BTW, carbohydrates have small parts that you can not see, so it can not tell from visual inspection, whether there was a blockage.

Theocles... said...

Hello, I had the same problem. I've learned that it was the leather used in the bleed valve. There were pieces that block passage of fuel.
They tend to dry out during storage. Now I have another problem with a lot of light and works only for a shorter time. I need to check the carburetor. I had the engine over 15 years. It replaces a 1.2 hp Game Fisher. Good luck in your repairs.

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