Sunday, January 17, 2010

Play An Decks Online Can An Alpine CDE-9845 Deck Play An I-Pod Through The Aux-in?

Can an Alpine CDE-9845 deck play an i-Pod through the aux-in? - play an decks online

I have an Alpine CDE-9845, and I know I can play my i-Pod through the aux-in, without the connection of a preamplifier. And if I do not shy connect a preamplifier to connect to it, go ahead and go through me, if possible.


Chris Downs said...

Check website for Alpine ( have a variety of ways to connect to an iPod. The easiest way that can work either with an adapter Versalink. There is the control over auxiliary input RCA thought the AI-Net changer. Then u just plug a mini jack to RCA cable into the headphone jack of the iPod and you're done. It depends on how you want to use. Want iPod while in use fees. You need an interface box. They have everything on your site.

alleella said...

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