Sunday, January 31, 2010

Intiation Ideas Need Some Crazy Intiation Ideas?!?

Need some crazy intiation ideas?!? - intiation ideas

My friends and I have a team not so long ago, wants to connect girls in the school .. Our team consists of girls who are crazy .. Water Gun Drive-bys do like and do new things .. In any case, we will connect not only to the people, regardless of their form. In. So we have some ideas on how this initiative. We thought about 10 works, but they must be crazy, but fun .. We've got some crazy ideas for events, newcomers can .. do Much Love .. BABii.RAWr .. And if you just say how disturbing it is stupid .. Because we do what we do, then be in a band or as prego

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Rokstarr said...

Hmmmm .... Crazy
Dare to play after a stroke than their parents, a bucket of glue on the door
They dare to ask a random sex lol
(I have with my M8) I can do something that is used for milk, eggs, bananas, sugar, pepper and onion mix Surprisingly little was said to drink lol Nice

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