Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wide Casual Shoes What Kind Of Shoes Would You Wear With A Pair Of Skinny Jeans?Just Casual?

What kind of shoes would you wear with a pair of skinny jeans?Just casual? - wide casual shoes

My 6th Year, has cut a couple and as a rule, Vera's wide leg, flare, boot ... What shoes look good.


deanna-r... said...

Just Jeans skinny jeans, so that what you wear tops (converse high Lowtop not) I bagillion couples, but the love of black and white. the classics are. and I wear ballet shoes, some say they make your feet look great, but I do not understand. but work is each type of ballet shoes.
Mmkay hope I helped. (:

gingergr... said...

When I wear skinny jeans, usually either:
- Ballerinas
- Moccassins
- O Burkinstocks

You can use these from DSW, I would, if you Burkinstocks, Son About ... $ 90 cheaper.

If she gets the moccasins, then I suggest brown or black, other colors, which I think are not good.

And if you choose, sandals, I suggest that those who have the same basic color, unlike some dogs with rocket cover single color and a white one.

It's my proposal.
I hope that helped!
- Ginger

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