Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How To Find The %w/w Is It Possible To Find Vectors U, V, And W In A Vector Space V Such That The Set S={u-v,v-w,w-u} Is Lin Indep?

Is it possible to find vectors u, v, and w in a vector space V such that the set S={u-v,v-w,w-u} is lin Indep? - how to find the %w/w

The answer is no. Let A = UV, B = C = VW and Wu, we must determine whether B and C are linear idependent.

A + B + C = UV + VW + WU = 0 for all A, B or C can be expressed in two other related, for example, C = -) (A + B such that all U, V and W, A , B and C can be linearly independent. Therefore, it is possible to find u, v and w, so that the UV, VW, Wu linearly independent.
You can also try these geometric. Draw three vectors, so that their original points of triangular Act I can see that the UV, VW and Wu turned on three sides of the triangle is your address in cyclic order. She adds that the same can not by logic UV, VW and Wu independently zero.

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