Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gymnastics Bras Im Starting Gymnastics This Saturday And Im Really Shy Because Of My?

Im starting gymnastics this saturday and im really shy because of my? - gymnastics bras

34DD breasts! I really want to, but I'm too shy, because I ... Area of the chest and instant messaging do not wear tights and then to 13 only if ur in a very shy begginer.but What should I do? I've tried sports bras, but they are not the differences that at all!


fight off your demons said...

Not much you can do to make it look smaller, but it is not ashamed! When I was 13, I would have killed with large breasts. Please think about it, nor anyone else will.

RonWeasl... said...

im sorry it's not really something you can do. do not worry. If you are nervous to other people their opinion so do not worry this is normal and be proud!

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