Thursday, January 28, 2010

Reviews Giardia Vaccine My Vet Is Recommending My 4 Month Old Chocolate Lab Pup Receive The Giardia Vaccine Has Anyones Dog Rec'd This?

My vet is recommending my 4 month old chocolate lab pup receive the giardia vaccine has anyones dog rec'd this? - reviews giardia vaccine

suggests, because she went through 2 rounds of medication and is now finnally negative for Giardia. But if the research on vaccines and I asked him about me there is not much information? Has anyone tips or suggestions about this vaccine?


SB: Is fed up. said...

Since the dog has a past with Giardia - I would make the vaccine.
None of my dogs have had ..* touch wood *, so that none of them received the vaccine. If they ever come to it, I would probably be that the vaccine also.

Great Dane Lover said...

The vaccine against Giardia vaccine recommended AVMA / AAHA or a local of 27 FP.
Giardia vaccine is not only desirable, but a vaccine is useless .. Giardia has no immunity.

*** For those who recommended that vaccination for Giardia, which really needs to be better informed and truly your research .. NOT recommended that the vaccine *********

Yo LO! Aussie Grins said...

I vaccinate my dog for that - we have a weak spot in our yard that the water was replaced after heavy rains or melting snow, and of course, dogs still jump to the pool. My dog has more than once before they vaccinated.

If you live in an area where the possibility of him Giardia is high (lake, stream, river, stream or other areas, the standing water can), then I would be the vaccine.

hydez200... said...

It would be a good vaccine for your puppy. because he is young and is very curious, Giardia help prevent diseases that are derived from the drinking water is contaminated. have our puppies, 4 months when he and his vaccine against rabies. To visit family and hectares of lakes and streams.

Bosco said...

I would definitely succeed .. Especially as I had before!
Giardia is terrible, as you may know. And they can be very sick of it ..
I, for all my dogs, and it was now a few months ago ...
I would not worry, it probably is good to get it!
Good luck!

Rachel-PitPolice-Spay the Humans said...

The vaccine is usually dogs that have been suspended or given to those at high risk of exposure. I would trust with your veterinarian about it.

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