Monday, January 18, 2010

Oceania Cruise Line Does Anyone Know Anything About The Fitness Room On Oceania Cruises?

Does anyone know anything about the fitness room on Oceania Cruises? - oceania cruise line

I am amazed at the gym on the line of cruise ships, Oceania Insignia, someone has the user?

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jonasbro... said...

It is a fitness center on Deck 9 in the Oceania cruise. I've never really been on this trip, but I found the website below. Go check it out for more information. They have personal training, analysis of body composition and fitness classes with Pilates Special One-on-one instruction and introduction to yoga. They also have a track in the period after the 1st Terrace overlooking the pool and the expanse of the ocean. I hope you have fun = D

Click here for a virtual tour of the Fitness Center: ...

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