Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pictures Of Trash Bags Can I Take Polaroid Pictures Of People In Public And Sell Them To Them Without A Permit Or License?

Can I take polaroid pictures of people in public and sell them to them without a permit or license? - pictures of trash bags

I want to take me in public places where many people and ask them whether they have a Polaroid photo of them want to recover for about five U.S. dollars. Can I do this without a business license or special permit providers? I live in Chicago and now wants to locations such as Wrigleyville, Millennium Park, or go to the local carnival, where there are many people in the public and sell images of themselves are not arrested, but I'm sure.


Phi said...

Perhaps, but it is likely that a fine and possibly arrested. It must acquire a license ....

GlixPix said...

If you sell something at a public place or private property not owned or controlled, you need a permit or license vendor. Even something to sell or service on your property must have a tax identification number so that you collect and pay sales tax can.

You can, however, almost everything you want to sell, but it is difficult for you to offer and sell the photos on Polaroid film is in production and stocks are limited. In the future, there are no pictures available (unless the company production because demand is still present.) Is too expensive for the supply of Polaroid to sell at a price so low.

Could a better idea of printing with a shot from a digital camera, on-site with a 12-volt battery and AC small investors or retail investors calm / Generator Honda EU1000 and very small photo printer that can hook directly into the camera.

However, by a little research on the authorization before taking cash expenses. You do not want a teamd then realize that no licenses are available.

Good luck in your business.


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