Thursday, December 31, 2009

Make Your Own Crossword Puzzle How Do I Publish My Own Crossword Puzzle Book?

How do I publish my own crossword puzzle book? - make your own crossword puzzle

The apporx book. 50 pages. I would like the format is similar to what you are crossword books in bookstores, no output (). If the copyright of the publication? If so, what steps should I take? What would it cost to have the material produced.


Imaka said...

Check the addresses of some of the books of crossword puzzles you see in the shops. In addition, browse through the writing and editorial sections of major bookstores. They often have books on all types of publication.

dragones... said...

What I do not go, is a publication of the Agency crossword puzzles with a copy of what will be, and probably it will handle from there. If you want to publish, ask to go independent, how the publishing organization.

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