Friday, December 18, 2009

Matlab R2007b Plp How Do You Solve This Using Matlab R2007b? ?

How do you solve this using Matlab r2007b? ? - matlab r2007b plp

You do not know how this problem by Matlab R2007b to solve, as I'm new.

Assuming that the blue whale can be modeled in the first rotation of the equation f (x) around the x-axis in the interval [0, 30], and discard everything under the x-axis (graph of the function W (x) in Matlab, so that you can see in this area is to be rejected)

w (x) = - [0.4596x ^ (2 / 5) * (x - 30)] / (2x + 13)

You must use the concept of volumes of revolution in order to estimate the size of a blue whale is that it evaluates a Matlab code that have run:

.................. n
V (x) = (1 / 2) Σ π [f (xi)] ^ 2 x DELTA
................. i = 1

Where n = 20, and DELTA x = 30/20. I need to write an M-file that calculates V (x) and this file. M has annotations that explain how the code.

Note: x = x (index i)

Any help would be very grateful! Can you show some work.

Thank you heaps.

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