Monday, December 21, 2009

Ohio Ambulance Services Who Is Responisble For This Ambulance Bill In Ohio?

Who is responisble for this ambulance bill in ohio? - ohio ambulance services

Hello to all --

I have a simple question, in June last year my husband had to call an ambulance for me, while I Infirmary. Our city has come is 911, so that what he unfortunately calls our outpatient clinic from the city (the small town and only 2 ambulances) on a call and an ambulance to a nearby town to find me and bring to the Hosptial.

I know that if you call 911 and do not load the ambulance to pick up our nation, I received a bill from the nearby town for about $ 315, because our city to the next city to come calling for me, I have the bill to pay (I have no problem with him because he) went into the ambulance and I run the project in my town and pay for all the Fire Chief responded and presented my people in my apt. The ambulance was a different town ..

If it helps that we live in Doylestown, Ohio (Akron) and the nearby town of responding Rittman. I have Rittman, or people who live in debt? We will call an ambulance Doylestown, Doylestown c"Products originating in Rittman, who pays?



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