Sunday, February 14, 2010

Trailer Tent Mattresses Who Here Likes To Go Camping?

Who here likes to go camping? - trailer tent mattresses

I know, discuss the fun time of year. Stellar Jays is called here, and reminds me of camping, so I thought about throwing in the Q there. Which sounds reminiscent of camping. And this is the tent trailer we're under the stars. I closed my tent, my leg is very bad on the hard floor and my air mattress is still flat! Oh, and when your favorite place is? We both forests and oceans, so I would go to both.

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Bandit said...

In his youth in Scouting were avid campers. Southern California has given us the beach and the mountains of both. In the army, to store. Unfortunately, it has been difficult for my son's asthma and had to stop. I've always preferred camping on my boat. Mosquitoes are bad, but slept on the boat is paradise!

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