Friday, February 19, 2010

Sore Underneath Upper Lip Sore Under/near Mole HELP!?

Sore under/near mole HELP!? - sore underneath upper lip

This is the job a little to the side and pain under my mole, the mole, even damaging, but if I move the moon on one side and feel the skin underneath is pain. The mole is above my upper lip, so that I can feel them. I know the mole melanoma is probably not a factor because I was raised my whole life long mole, I am now 16 and it seems normal because it was the color of my skin my whole life. Is this just a blot on the dock area? or perhaps a cold sore? Thanks for any help, and I do not have herpes, is the man sexually lol.


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The Muse said...

Also lead to shaving or washing enough May on the deterioration of the dock area, that some pain. I had many moles removed one of them in the groove between the nose and cheek. Began to grow and the doctor says, it is better to remove them. All were tested and came clean. Had her moles checked, and if the doctor can be a difference in that on your next visit Reserved.

:) The Muse

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