Thursday, February 18, 2010

How To Get Sponsored For Fingerboarding How Can You Become A Pro Fingerboarder?

How can you become a pro fingerboarder? - how to get sponsored for fingerboarding

I'm all right, I was from skating for a few weeks on the ground, so I decided to pick up a package of technologies, and I'm gay just really good at it, I'm better than anyone else on YouTube (I have) seen, and IM Filming in the near future. I feel like a freaking nerd for wanting to benefit, but it's something easy to do and fun to play, if I can not really do skate .....

I try, sponsored skate well, ive been skating for a year and a half, in 14 and am pretty good at it, so I called gay by fingerboarding .. Personally, I think the cause of gay. haha.
Thank you very much.

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